The Crossing

What happens when the fastest man in the water, is a woman?


Sexism, sabotage, hatred, love, and the greatest story of courage and endurance never told.

“Suddenly, deliciously at her back, she felt the lifting current that would sweep her ashore. The pale cliffs of England blazed with light. Bonfires flamed there and people pranced on the beach… they waded into the surf and tried to help her out. The plucky young woman pushed them aside. Smiling, she reached down, and felt the sand under her feet… this, in my opinion, is the greatest sports story in the world.”

— New York Times, August 1926

She was an American superstar, voted more popular than Babe Ruth, and the most famous person on the planet. She broke through barriers of strength, culture and sex, like no one before her. Her crossing was equated to those of Moses, Caesar and Washington. Her name was Trudy, she was 19, and this is her incredible true story.