Under the Blood-Red Sun

Adapted for the screen from the award-winning book by Graham Salisbury.

Torn between his love of all things American and the traditional ways of his parents, a young Japanese American boy struggles to keep his family together during wartime.

Night of the Howling Dogs

On the Big Island of Hawaii, Dylan’s Boy Scout troop goes camping in a remote spot below the volcano. That night an earthquake rocks the camp, and then a wave rushes in, sweeping everyone and everything before it. The next hours are an amazing story of survival and the true meaning of leadership.


Honolulu, Hawaii: the crossroads of the Pacific. It’s the place you go if your own island isn’t big enough. It’s the place you go to disappear.

Stagger Lee

Only one song has been recorded by James Brown, Neil Diamond, The Clash, Bob Dylan, Fats Domino, Duke Ellington, The Grateful Dead, Ike & Tina Turner, Beck, and Elvis Presley. That song is “Stagger Lee.”

The Crossing

What happens when the fastest man in the water, is a woman?

The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands

“If everyone wore Aloha Shirts, there would be no war…”
Michael Goddart